Why Healthcare Needs To Ditch Insurance and Enter A Cash Pay Model


Image Source: healthcareinsider.com

When you really think about it our insurance companies are ripping us off. The average health insurance plan for an individual that is 27 years old is $405 a month. But what comes with that? If you don't have a surgery that year and considering the fact that it is often cheaper to pay for prescriptions in cash as well as the rise of companies like Good RX and Mark Cuban's Cost Plus Drugs you aren't getting discounts on medications. So assuming you don't have a surgery that year, you are left paying $405 a month so you can go to a doctor and have them take your height, weight, blood pressure, oxygen saturation, respiration rate, and heart rate then they take a flashlight and check your ears and throat and confirm you're okay?

It's crazy to think that in a day and age where the average person can't cover an unexpected expense of $400 they are paying $405 a month to be provided the care I just mentioned that really offers little to no benefit.

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