What are the benefits of Gary Brecka's Super Human Protocol?

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Gary Brecka's Super Human Protocol consists of three daily practices:

  1. Red Light Therapy/Morning Light: The reason for red light therapy is because it is able to penetrate your cells and supercharge the organelles within them. If there isn't a clinic or physical location that offers red light therapy near you you can mimic red light therapy with morning light. 
  2. PEMF Therapy: PEMF therapy floods your body with electrons which allows your blood to un-clot. Our cells are made of atoms and as atoms lose their charge they try regain that charge, think of homeostasis in the sense that the body is constantly seeking balance, but as red blood cells lose charge they seek it and clot. But when the body is flooded with electrons our cells are able to de-clot. This can be simulated by standing barefoot on the grass or you can buy one of the following items: 
  3. Exercise With Oxygen Therapy/Breath work: cellular respiration occurs in order create cellular energy which is referred to as ATP (Adenosine triphosphate) and the final step in cellular respiration that allows for the creation of ATP is an oxygen atom and an electron combining. So if you do breath work and increase the amount of oxygen in your body alongside the amount of electrons in your body you have more resources to enable healthy cellular respiration. 
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