Why is there a need for decentralized clinical trials?

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Of the many things that need to be changed within the healthcare system one of the most important is the way in which clinical trials are conducted. As of right now clinical trials are conducted between pharmaceutical companies and private companies that are often labeled as "Commercial Research Organizations" and before the studies begin they make sure to bring out NDAs (Non Disclosure Agreements) that ultimately don't allow unauthorized personnel to discuss the specifics of the clinical trial.

Not only are the pharmaceutical companies able to control who can speak on the specifics of the clinical trials, they also control all of the data associated with the clinical trial. So let's say that I started a new pharmaceutical company called "Ryan Pharmaceuticals" and I conducted a clinical trial to bring a new drug to market with a patient population of 1,000 people and 300 of those people had a negative reaction to my new drug, I would be able to essentially eliminate the results of those 300 negative reactions and only report on the 700 positive reactions and from there my new drug would get approved and then doctors, not knowing that I eliminated 300 negative reactions from my initial clinical trial, would suggest the use of my new drug based on the positive reaction of the 700 people that reacted well to the drug. 

So in other words, I conduct a trial and 30% of the trial population reacts negatively to the drug, from there I eliminate that 30% of the population and only report on the 70% of the population that had a positive reaction and everyone associated with the trial signs and NDA so they can't speak on it unless authorized by the drug company, and from there that data gets passed down to primary care physicians and they begin writing prescriptions for drugs that are brought into the market on the back of bad data that is a byproduct of a rigged environment. 

If you believe this isn't the case google a man by the name of John Abramson and read his book, "Sickening: How Big Pharma Broke American Health Care and How We Can Repair It"

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